The Making of Translucent Glass

Translucent Glass

Translucent glass may be located all over the house. Glass doors and home windows, lights glass, drinkware, glass cabinets and bathroom add-ons are all not unusual examples of glass products which can be translucent Glas Geschirr Vivo.

The cause of making some glass products translucent is that the glass will nevertheless transmit light whilst it reasons sufficient diffusion to prevent belief of wonderful snap shots. In different words you still have the light but you can not see via it. Bathroom home windows and doors are appropriate examples.

Translucent glass is also discovered as the result of a few glass decoration strategies. Some glass doorways could have stunning translucent decorations and many glassware is etched to make translucent brand’s or any other form of personalization.

The maximum famous strategies for making translucent glass are sandblasting and acid etching. Another approach for etching of glassware is glass laser etching and a enormously new approach for making etched glassware is using a frosting glass paint which offers an etched effect.

What takes place throughout the procedure of etching is that the clean glass floor is roughened. This roughened glass floor scatters the mild upon coming into the glass. When entering clear glass the light unearths no obstruction.


With sandblasting the glass surface is bombarded with small debris constituted of carborundum (the “sand”). This powder is propelled with excessive pressure air to the glass in high-pace and during the collision of the particles with the glass floor tiny portions of glass are blasted away. It is also known as “abbrasive sandblasting”. The result is that the easy floor roughens up and from obvious it turns into translucent.

For sandblasting you want a compressor to create a excessive-speed air flow and the blasting itself has to be performed in a closed vicinity. Either the operator has to ware a closed suite with air deliver and do the work in a closed room or the sandblasting is carried out in a so called glovebox, where the operator stands outdoor a sealed box and wherein he/she will do the paintings by way of setting the fingers in gloves which might be so arranged that the “sand” cannot come out of doors the box.

Acid etching

Acid etching is finished by means of reaction of the glass surface with acid. The acid eats components of the glass floor and roughens up the easy glass floor.

The acids are dangerous now not most effective on contact however also the fumes are very toxic.

The acid may be in liquid shape or are as a cream. Liquid is used for etching massive surfaces, like an entire vase or a window. Etching creams are best for making designs on glass. A covering foil is used to cowl the regions which ought to not be etched.(These protecting foils are also used with sandblasting.)

Acid etching is a awesome hobby and, with the aid of the use of etching cream, additionally fantastically secure to do at domestic. Ordinary portions of glass may be become portions of art.

Comparing the end result from sandblasting and acid etching suggests that sandblasting is much rougher. Acid etched glass has a easy satin-like look and contact.

Glass Laser Etching

Laser etching is an exciting technique because you don’t need to use overlaying foils, chemicals or closed operating areas.

The device here’s a system. Inside the machine there may be a CO2 laser. The laser beam is directed thru mirrors to the spot at the glass in which the etching have to be completed. The warmth of the laser blasts part of the glass away leaving an etched mark. Driven by using a computer the laser beam can be positioned everywhere on the glass floor and any pix can in this manner be etched onto the glass floor.

Glass laser etching is a effective ornament technique. With the assist of a PC any photo, image or emblem can be prepared and the subsequent step is to allow the laser do the paintings. The tedious work you have to do with acid etching or sandblasting, through getting rid of small elements from the masking foil for delicate photographs, you do not should do with glass laser etching. So it safes numerous time.

Frosting Glass Paint

Etching is a nice ornament technique however not all people is charmed of running with risky chemical substances or has the cash to spend money on equipment.

The paint corporations had been capable of make glass paints which offer glass a frosted finish. The frosted look from the paints is also satin-like similar to the end result of acid or laser etching.

Frosted glass made with frosting glass paints may be very durable. When the usage of the proper frosting glass paint it’s miles viable to apply glass cleaners and solvents for getting rid of greasy finger marks or, in case of glassware, positioned them within the dish washing machine.

Another big gain of frosting glass paints is that the paint can be clear and coloured. So in a single step a clear obvious glass can be became a coloured etched glass and brand’s and other pictures can be in multi-colour.

Raj Persad is a Consultant for Glassware Decoration Technology.