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Human Evolution… A. To Z. How and whilst did humans evolve!?

Human evolution isn’t a hazard happening… Human evolution has happened thanks to a premeditated motive. It changed into handiest thru human evolution that God may want to have completed the cosmic life cycle ensuing in the persevering with of the complete Cosmos Western Civilization.

No human evolution… The entire international nay the complete Cosmos itself could have collapsed. Why?

In the cosmic lifestyles cycle the human evolution plays a completely critical element. As was determined by God Almighty… It become most effective after human evolution that the soul (atman) within a human being should have realized its full capability and in the end liberated for ever. In other words it turned into handiest after human evolution that one could have won salvation… The very last level within the cosmic lifestyles cycle!

The evolution of a human being signifies the end of the cosmic journey. It is only as a person that you’ll be able to realize God in ones lifetime (reach the level of enlightenment and finally salvation). Having performed salvation the life involves a full circle. Our soul (the atman within) liberates for ever from the cycle of beginning and loss of life.

In the series of cosmic evolution… The first organism to happen life is the form of an amoeba (unmarried mobile formation). As lifestyles evolves similarly this single cellular formation evolves into the next better degree of multi-mobile formation. Subsequently this being evolves into insect existence.

This insect existence is far from the degree of human evolution. As time passes through this insect lifestyles similarly evolves into plant life. After a chain of numerous manifestations as various species of plant… This plants itself steps into the subsequent sage of evolution and further evolves into animal existence. This animal lifestyles is one step earlier than the degree of human evolution.

Compared to the human evolution the insect life is bound through many boundaries… It does no longer have the strength to suppose and discriminate. Life is as it is. Life is got to be lived because it was supposed to be for there has been no desire inside the life of an insect as inside the case after human evolution. Every man or women enjoys unlimited power of discrimination. One can stay life as one desires to be. It is most effective after human evolution that you can live the existence of preference.

Seeing from the factor of view of each insect… We will discover that this species of insect life appears forward to reaching the stage of human evolution for they study from revel in that the shape of a person is lots advanced to them. In the series of human evolution the stage of insect life is exactly the same as while we see a small plant as compared to a complete-grown tree.

Every human being had at a positive degree in cosmic existence lived through the span of insect lifestyles. One couldn’t have controlled with out it. The technique of evolution is self-contained. Whether we preference it or no longer we hold on going up the ladder of cosmic evolution till we reach the level of human evolution.

The vegetation itself is absolutely static in nature. It cannot flow on its personal. It has very serious limitations and has to stand the fury of nature quite often. This challenge can most effective be conquer except the flowers switches over to the subsequent degree of evolution… The animal evolution stage. It is only as an animal that you’ll run about and take shelter each time one faces chance or a herbal calamity.

Evolving into an animal form pronounces that in the cosmic hierarchy one is simplest one step lower than the stage of human evolution. Even an animal appears ahead to the shape of a human being; the very best stage inside the collection of evolution for it is aware of that best as a person can one stay a existence of desire. Even animals have restrictive wondering powers.

The very last stage inside the human evolution… The form of a individual is the level of practicing complete manage over all of the cosmic powers that be. It is best as a person that you could remain a laborer, come to be a King or finally attain the fame of guy God like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed.

Human evolution can never be perceived upon as some thing which has been compelled upon us unwittingly. Human evolution proclaims the start of a life of desire. Every individual has been given the strength of discrimination and desire inherently. One may additionally practice it or now not… The strength of questioning and discrimination are the best powers available to 1 in the cosmic gadget created with the aid of God the Almighty.

Human evolution is the closing cosmic level within the lifestyles of a soul (the atman inside). For it is aware of that simplest after each lifestyles shape evolves into a human being can it unencumber all the time from the cycle of beginning and loss of life. Every soul (the atman within) appears ahead to accomplishing the stage of human evolution.

While passing thru the level of insect life the soul (the atman inside) is aware of thoroughly that the last goal will be executed handiest after attaining the level of human evolution.

Having reached the stage of animal lifestyles… The soul (the atman inside) again realizes that it’s far nearing the give up of adventure for the animal lifestyles has to adapt into the human degree… It has no different alternative. And it’s far simplest as a man or women it is easy to recognise God and attain the level of salvation.

Human evolution is not a journey for the insect, the flowers or the animal lifestyles. The adventure proper from the degree of amoeba and till the degree of human evolution is for our soul (the atman inside). It is that this soul (our atman within) which is on a cosmic adventure and a good way to purify itself it has to bypass via a chain of manifestations before it can free up itself for ever.

The existence of soul (the atman inside) from the beginning to the give up of the journey is just like the ranges a bit of metallic passes via in its lifetime. Right from the level of being sandwiched within the metal ore and till the remaining stage of purification whilst the metal profits absolute purity… It’s far a total of 8.Four million manifestations within the existence of a soul (the atman within).

Right from the stage of amoeba to the level of gaining enlightenment through a man or women… The cosmic lifestyles cycle is governed with the aid of the procedure of evolution as recommend by Charles Darwin in his well-known idea of Evolution. Every individual reaches the human shape having crossed a total of seven.3 million lives both inside the form of insect, plant or an animal.

Human evolution is the ultimate stage in the process of evolution envisaged with the aid of God. Even as a individual one cannot simply get rid of lifestyles. We have unlimited selections and the electricity of absolute discrimination, but each human being is governed through the laws of nature and God the Almighty himself.

No person can ever tread upon the fixed legal guidelines of nature. The second we do so… We are facing the fury of nature as has been skilled with the aid of the mankind within the tornadoes, the hurricanes and the tsunamis which cause irreparable harm and loss to the mankind as a whole.

To attain the stage of salvation as a human being is the top reason of every human… Having reached the degree of human evolution. The adventure is long but one does now not have any other choice. It is our soul (the atman inside) which is at the cosmic journey and every man or women has to bid by way of its desire.

Whenever the ego of a man or women activates one to vary with the selection of our soul (the atman inside)… It is a chain of strain and lines more often than not in the place of job one has to undergo. To keep away from passing the degree of dangerous stresses and traces every man or women must abide by way of the desires of our soul (the atman within).

The ultimate goal… The very last destination for the soul (the atman inside) is constant… However every man or women has been given the electricity to pick out his own direction. As many human beings… As many paths are there for one to realize God and attain the end of the cosmic journey. No individual can ever be a loser in the long run. Realizing God on this very lifestyles and attaining the level of salvation is something that can by no means be described in phrases.

The cease of the cosmic journey indicates the completion of an extended journey… A complete of 96.Four million earthly years. The existence Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed lived cannot be described in mere words. It changed into basically a adventure by using choice… Even demise did now not be counted to all of them. They had all inside the last leg in their earthly journey even defeated demise on its face.

All these enlightened souls like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed had transcended existence itself. They had emerge as immortal inside the authentic sense that they might no longer need to indulge again in manifesting life thereafter. Life had sincerely come complete circle for those godly souls.

We should constantly keep in mind that human evolution being the best degree within the collection of evolution changed into in the main intended for our soul (the atman inside). It is best after reaching the level of a human being that our soul (the atman inside) can whole its cosmic adventure. And as no individual has ever been given the power to undo the happenings within the existence of our soul (the atman inside)… We need to usually try and expedite the adventure of our soul (the only inside).

We ought to also understand that even as people there are a complete of 1.1 million sorts of manifestations every human can evolve into. The lifestyles as a human being isn’t always as simple. It does no longer take a life span of 70 to 80 years to decide but a total of 12.1 million earthly years which can be spent in the form of a individual before you’ll reach the degree of enlightenment and ultimately salvation.

Ape to Human Evolution is the last step in the adventure of human evolution itself. It is best after achieving the stage of our ancestors… The Ape own family did individual come into the scene.

Human evolution… The closing within the city of cosmic evolution is the excellent form of manifestation that can be… We aren’t speculated to whilst away our existence doing not anything. Why look forward to the destiny to make it appear. Why now not take the future into our control and reduce quick the cosmic journey!

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