Color Copier – Do You Really Need One?

Recently I become running with a consumer in Owings Mills Maryland who was purchasing a brand new Toshiba copier.

Like lots of my repeat and new clients considered one of his major concerns became whether or not he honestly needed to improve to a color copier or might the black copier be OK for his needs Cheapest color copy printing near where I am Chicago IL.

One of the first questions I ask in this situation is “how are you coping with coloration copies and prints now?”. Typically my customers are doing certainly one of things: 1) they outsource their colour printing to Staples, Office Depot or a local printer or 2) they print them out on a computing device colour printer.

Once I have installed what they’re doing now my next questions is “what number of shade copies or prints are you doing per month and yr?” Many instances my customers don’t actually realize their proper extent so we must do a little investigative work.

One useful method is list out on a bit of paper all the different types of shade copies and prints they do at some point of a 12 months after which listing beside each assignment the approximate range they do for that venture according to month and yr.

I suppose it’s critical to observe this annually due to the fact in many instances there are printing tasks which might be only carried out a couple of times a yr and the patron has a tendency to neglect approximately those initiatives if we’re handiest questioning in a month-to-month context.

In the case of this client as soon as we indexed out all of his annual color printing desires he best did approximately 500 colour prints consistent with yr. I don’t forget this a very low coloration extent.

I cautioned him that this failed to justify buying a colour system and he need to preserve to send those jobs out to a printer.

I did also discover that he become sending his jobs commonly to Office Depot. OUCH!! Can you assert costly. I advised him to discover a regionally owned print save or log on in which in either case the costs would be appreciably less than Office Depot or Staples.

In the situation of a business enterprise doing thousands of color copies and prints per month I might suggest thinking about a colour copier.

It comes right down to doing the mathematics. How many color prints and copies do you do in line with 12 months instances what you pay per copy/print at a neighborhood print store versus what you would pay to do them in house for your personal coloration copier.

Once you already know these numbers you have to recall the added value of a shade copier versus a black copier. Your buy fee or lease fee will sincerely be better for a colour copier than a fashionable black copier but in lots of cases it is worth it.

Another attention is the time involved in calling a printer, riding there to drop off artwork if essential after which riding returned to the printer to select up the task. As we all understand throughout the commercial enterprise day Monday-Friday our time is money and I feel this is a legitimate attention while identifying to buy a color copier or a black copier.

When it comes to neighborhood printers I even have seen colour copies/prints executed within the range of 15 to 35 cents every. This is simply my enjoy and your nearby printer may do them for less.

With a Toshiba copier (which is the logo I promote) you can make a colour copy or print for anywhere from five-10 cents every. Where you’ll fall on this variety relies upon on what size colour copier we’re speakme of.

I hope this allows. Please touch me with any copier/printer associated questions or to get a competitive quote. I’m continually happy to assist. You can call me, electronic mail me. Ed Worthington- Action Business System Toshiba-