4 Pillars of Health and Wellness

At present’s well being care system, sadly seems to be growing a era of people that proceed to remain sick and depending on harmful prescribed drugs as plasters to the various signs of their illness and ailments. A number of research have proven that these plasters are solely recognized to weaken the immune system, the bio-energetic area and the essential pH steadiness of the human physique.


Being Wholesome will eternally decide the longevity and high quality of the life you reside. However sadly most individuals at this time are both confused, or are purposely mislead into quite a lot of unhealthy habits and food plan and will even be deceived in regards to the pure therapeutic powers of their superb therapeutic physique, and what have to be finished to guard their four pillars of well being.

1st Pillar of Well being:

The first pillar of well being which is tremendously essential to our wholesome and wellness, is our exterior bio-energetic area, or our aura. This vitality area is kind of just like the bio-energy area which surrounds the earth as a pure defence in opposition to exterior forces or invaders.

As the pc age continues to rapidly transfer ahead with the bombardment of digital computer systems, devices, cell telephones, iphones, and a number of other variations of digital toys, research have indicated that our aura of magnetic exterior safety continues to weaken thus permitting overseas components to always assault and penetrate our physique. With the intention to proceed being wholesome at all times, we should discover methods to strengthen and shield this pure exterior defence to keep up our four pillars of well being.

2nd Pillar of Well being:

The 2nd pillar of well being is our pure inside defence often called our immune system. The immune system was created to naturally shield the physique from all ailments, and overseas invaders which enters our physique, and which might significantly have an effect on our well being and wellness in our quest to being wholesome at all times.

The nice irony with respect to our immune system and the sick care system which pretends to operate as our well being care system, is that the accepted strategies of sick care therapy which is being touted, truly does extra hurt to our pure immune system, than truly doing any good.

Our immune system is made up of numerous levels and protecting defensive brokers. A few of these brokers vary from T-cells, to B-cells, to Killer cells, to TH1 cells, to TH2 cells, to Cytotoxic T cells, and to Suppressor T cells, simply to call just a few. All of which have been naturally created to make sure that the human physique stays in a state of well being and wellness by enhancing our four pillars of well being.

third Pillar of Well being:

The third pillar of well being and wellness is our physique pH steadiness. Being well being merely implies that your physique pH steadiness is at an alkaline degree of seven.356 of upper, versus being at a pH steadiness degree under 7 the place all sick or diseased our bodies are recognized to reside. The decrease the physique’s pH steadiness degree, the extra acidic it’s, and the larger the probabilities of that physique being diseased.

The pure state of our physique’s pH steadiness is that of alkaline within the vary of seven.356. From delivery our pH steadiness vary is that of alkaline. However as we transfer ahead right into a polluted atmosphere, together with the processed and overcooked meals we always eat each day, along with the extremely acidic drinks we eat, our physique’s pH steadiness regularly regresses right into a state of acidity and eventual illness.

4th Pillar of Well being:

The 4th pillar of Well being in the direction of being well being, is our way of life. We have to have a system of normal train, every day ideally, however not essentially vigorous. We have to lowered our consumption of air pollution from stress, toxins, carcinogens, and every other medication or chemical substances which can compromise our immune system.

The above four pillars of well being have at all times confirmed to be important in sustaining the right well being and wellness of the physique. We should discover pure and constructive methods of defending our physique from the out aspect to the within.

Our superb bio-energetic area or aura is continually being bombarded as we sit in entrance of the various computer systems we always use. We can not assist however eat the fitting meals to not solely stop the imbalance of our physique’s pH steadiness, however we should additionally perceive the dire want to guard our immune system by limiting or eliminating using carcinogens, of all varieties, in our quest to being wholesome, by defending our four pillars of well being.