16 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Unforgettable

Every time you pay attention someone say “May I even have one in all your enterprise playing cards?” you have to get excited. I understand I do. That’s because I LOVE my playing cards. I spent lots of dollars on printing, several hours on designing and went thru 10 specific layouts until I were given them proper. cheap printing for business cards

And it was all worth it.

A enterprise card is an entrepreneur’s excellent pal, his most treasured advertising and marketing tool and an critical detail to becoming UNFORGETTABLE. Unfortunately, too many human beings have business playing cards that truly blend into the multitude of cookie cutter crap. And it’s a shame, due to the fact a commercial enterprise card is more powerful than you think.

Of route, it’s not possible to recognize this until you without a doubt have a card it really is certainly, clearly desirable. Therefore, this article will observe The Four Corners of Unforgettable Business Cards:

1. Stacking Up

2. Standing Out

3. Creative Enhancement

4. Implementation

CORNER #1: How Does Your Card Stack Up?

Think back to the last change show, networking event, seminar, convention, social hour or affiliation meeting you attended. How did people react to your business card? Did they praise its design? Quickly shove it into their pocket? Show it to someone else? Rip it up?

Whatever the reaction was, your card made some kind of impression. But simplest the maximum creative, specific and noteworthy enterprise cards make UNFORGETTABLE impressions. And the ones sorts of cards elicit reactions like…

“I showed your card to everybody in my workplace!” says a hot prospect.

“Can I have every other one? A buddy of mine will LOVE this!” exclaims your tablemate.

“Oooh! I want one too!” begs the person in searching over your shoulder.

“Hey…Are you able to show my pal Paul your commercial enterprise card!” asks a colleague of yours.

“You recognize, I’ve by no means thrown your card away!” says one of your clients.
If you have ever heard a compliment alongside those lines before, congrats! You’re on the proper track.

That jogs my memory of Gus. He and I sat subsequent to every other at a income seminar some years ago. During this system, the facilitator asked the target audience individuals to change cards and get to recognise every different. Gus’s card turned into exquisite: thick, colorful, double sided, ambitious, brilliant and pleasant of all, easy. (That become no wonder – he became in marketing!) But it become one of the fine I’d ever visible. So we delivered ourselves, exchanged playing cards and talked for a few minutes. And that was approximately it. Nice guy, I thought.

Now, here’s the cool element: despite the fact that Gus and I didn’t in reality preserve in touch, I’ve never thrown his card away. I show it to every person! In reality, I even use it as a prop in some of my networking workshops! His card was simply that exact.

Is yours that good? Keep that query in the again of your mind as you read on. Now let’s pass into the subsequent segment and discover why sure cards stand out more than others.

CORNER # 2: Standing Out

Recently I took 66 commercial enterprise playing cards I’ve accumulated over the years and unfold them out on a desk. I closed my eyes for 30 seconds, opened them and took word of which cards stood out the maximum. And right here’s what I noticed:

Red: every card that had pink on it stood out.

Picture: just a few playing cards had snap shots of the cardholder. This no longer simplest made them stand out, but helped me connect faces with names and companies.

Vertical: numerous cards have been formatted vertically, which stuck my eye.

Black Background: most cards have a white background, so the black ones REALLY stood out.

Image: cards with some type of colourful picture that took up at the least one fourth of the entire floor location captured my interest.
(To view a excessive quality photo of this recreation of sixty six Card Pick Up, go to

This was a treasured workout in expertise UNFORGETTABLE enterprise cards, and I advocate it to all of us. Try it out! Gather dozens of collected cards out of your table and find out which ones stand out. Oh, and consider to put your OWN card inside the pile. You’ll be surprised at what you notice.

Or do not see.

CORNER #three: Creative and Unique Ways to Enhance Your Card

Now that you’ve analyzed your own card and have been uncovered to a huge amount of different people cards, your mind ought to be swimming with new, creative ideas. This is the best time to brainstorm methods to enhance your card. So, snatch a clean sheet of paper. Come up with as many thoughts as possible. Let your creativity run wild! And to help you get started out, here’s a list of 16 innovative ideas to make your commercial enterprise card UNFORGETTABLE:

1. Size or Shape – Rectangle, schmectangle. I’ve seen squares, circles, ovals and triangles. Each form made a connection to the emblem, and each form stood out amidst the countless regression of the equal vintage rectangles.

2. Chocolate Business Cards (sure, these DO exist) – Several corporations have online catalogues for personalised chocolate cards. Expensive? Yes. Delicious? Probably. Memorable? You higher agree with it.

Three. Trading Cards – If your agency is crew orientated, get trading playing cards together with your “gamers” photographs and stats. Then inspire your clients and potentialities to “accumulate all 12!”

4. Cartoons – Get a custom cartoon commissioned for the again of your card. It’s cheap, royalty loose and truly precise to your commercial enterprise.

Five. Table/Chart – Include a loan mortgage interest desk or a few extraordinary records at the back. These are beneficial reminders for the mathematically challenged and powerful methods to put your self as a useful resource.

6. Pop-Ups – Just like children’s books, a few commercial enterprise playing cards can be printed as folded, pop-up cards. Talk about wondering 3-dimensionally!

7. Credibility – The smartest element I ever did to my commercial enterprise card became upload color photos of my two books. Instant credibility. And, I noticed a direct exchange in the reactions from the people to whom I gave cards. One lady even stated, “Scott, that is the coolest enterprise card I’ve ever visible!” Money nicely spent.

Eight. Rubber Stamps – Buy 10 extraordinary custom designed rubber stamps for the backs of your playing cards. When someone asks for one just say “Pick a card, any card!”

9. Die Cutting – My friend Lisa works for the Rock Island Fire Dept. Her business card has a charred hollow burnt proper through the center of each card! It looks particularly actual. And maximum printers offer this option for a nominal sense. You also can specify diverse shapes, chew marks or hole sizes.

10. Recipe – If you work in an industry linked to food, kitchens or houses; encompass one of your favored recipes at the again!

11. Material – Use leather-based, blinking or brail commercial enterprise playing cards (yes, those without a doubt exist too!)

12. Language – If your business requires worldwide tour, keep in mind offering more than one languages, or print the phonetic spelling of a tough to pronounce name.

13. Motivation – If you’re the motivational type, encompass a well-known quotation, bible verse or film line that connects for your logo. And make certain to examine it aloud when you deliver a person your card, it’d simply make their day!

14. Stickers – Print one side of your playing cards on adhesive label paper. This offers the recipient a peel off decal for reminders, appointments or smartphone numbers.

15. Non-Cards – Who says a card needs to be a card? After all, the first rule of creativity is “damage all the guidelines!” I’ve seen million dollar invoice cards, coin playing cards, even a banker in Boston who uses commercial enterprise cards which might be honestly miniature assessments he tears off of a pad whenever he gives one out! The possibilities are infinite.

Sixteen. Double Up – Make your card “double” as some thing aside from a card. For example, mine doubles as a enterprise card AND a nametag. As a end result, people stick it on their shirts all of the time. Thanks for the unfastened promotion!

CORNER #4: Implementation

Once you’ve provide you with the layout for your new, innovative, UNFORGETTABLE enterprise card, there are simplest two things left to do: print ’em up and hand ’em out!

First, as you method you printer, consider a few regulations:

It’s OK to Spend Money – when I did my taxes this yr I calculated that I reprinted my enterprise cards 11 times and spent over $1,400 on printing fees. I also doubled my earnings from the previous 12 months. Once again, money well spent.

Local is Better – via deciding on a local printer you can paintings carefully with the designers; touch, feel and smell your paper and even do a few take a look at runs till you get the card best. Some businesspeople select to use on-line assets, which is quality. The only problem with that approach is that most cards designed, created and ordered over the Internet look like they had been designed, created and ordered over the Internet.
OK. Once you’ve got your new cards in hand, maintain some final guidelines in thoughts:

Reminders – make sure to tell humans you’ve got a new card. They’ll be happy to simply accept it, although they already have your vintage one. Highlight a number of its latest, maximum particular attributes. Also, if you published on each facets of your new card, take into account to either inform humans approximately the again of your card; or hand them the cardboard again aspect up, so they realize there is extra to it.

Etiquette – do not “Deal the Deck” by using inconsiderately throwing heaps of your cards to absolutely everyone in sight. If so, you will now not handiest come to be a practitioner of Highly Horrible Networking(TM), but you may waste your money. Remember: human beings throw away enterprise playing cards from those who failed to establish rapport or make a connection.

The Card Creedo: ultimately, while you’re geared up, reach into your pocket and snatch one of your enterprise playing cards. Look at it closely. Then say this affirmation out loud:
“This is my enterprise card. There are many others available, however none of them are like mine – due to the fact there’s nobody else like me. My business card isn’t a formality. It’s now not a bit of paper containing my name and phone facts. And it’s now not some other traumatic component to keep in my pocket. My enterprise card is the most essential networking tool that I very own. It’s a reflection of my non-public brand and a chunk-sized morsel of the project of my business. I LOVE my commercial enterprise card. And I can’t wait until any person asks me for one. Because after they do, I will discover a way to provide that man or woman cost.”

After you have face lifted your business card from unacceptable to unforgettable, I promise you’ll sense amazing. Your self assurance will skyrocket. And from that second on, each time a person asks, “May I even have one in all your enterprise cards?” it will be like tune for your ears.